An eclectic collection of furniture and accessories in Second Life

Second Life: Your World; Your Imagination… for now

If you have been paying attention to the LL blog then you will be aware of some of the moves that LL is striving towards to “make SL a safer environment” when in all reality what they are doing is stifling the creativity of its members, creating a mob scene and witch hunt as well as taking away the very things that they have promised for years to its residents.

That Second Life was our world fueled by our imagination. Now… it seems that you can only use some of your imagination… that if things remain or change in the way that they are proposing, you will have to welcome the new very PG universe.


There is a growing movement of folks that are protesting peacefully this newest of offenses to SL. Please check out in game the group “I am for a FREE Second Life” for more information or contact me Searlait Nitschke in SL. Thanks so much.


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