An eclectic collection of furniture and accessories in Second Life

New Store Look

This week I have been working in my workspace and coming up with some really cool looking stuff. I have a small set of wrought iron that I’m liking a whole lot with a multi-pose menu. I’m really impressed with it though I will admit that it is rather prim heavy. It is almost partially a sculpture made into a piece of furniture. I really love the curves and the way it looks. I plan on releasing it when I get my new store location up and running.

I know that I am being overly optimistic by saying I’d like it done by the end of next week. For some reason I am not getting the building to come together the way I want to. Though once it is I think I’ll like it. I’m so picky that I’m sure I will find fault with it, but I at least want it to be something that I can live with. It’s pretty big already, I hate feeling cramped.

For the grand re-opening of the new look I’m hoping to have some freebies and things around for those who are interested as well as stock up the Lucky Chair with some new prizes.


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