An eclectic collection of furniture and accessories in Second Life

Roawenwood :: Design and Craft

The Roawenwood is a labor of love, it’s doors having opened in October 2006!

If you really want to see regular updates and content from my store then you need to check out the blog that I have on my domain.  I babble endlessly there and have a hard time remembering to come over here.

Click Here to see the Roawenwood Update Blog

I build as the winds take me.  I will build almost anything if it catches my attention but mainly my tastes run towards medieval, Gorean, Gothic, old world type styling.  I love trees and nature so there is that of course…. it is hard to categorize just what I will work on or put out there since I have such an eclectic nature, it just sort of comes out in my work too.

I also create clothing, silks… kirtles, camisks, a few male type things and whatever ends up working itself up in my paint program or while messing with prims.

I hope you enjoy my work and if you have any questions feel free to contact Searlait Nitschke in world!


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